Commands to be executed on Main Hardware Node to enable support for pptp on container.

modprobe tun
modprobe ppp-compress-18
modprobe ppp_mppe
modprobe ppp_deflate
modprobe ppp_async
modprobe pppoatm
modprobe ppp_generic
4. Stop the VE
vzctl stop {VEID}
5. From HN, run the below commands:
vzctl set {VEID} –features ppp:on –save
vzctl start {VEID}
vzctl set {VEID} –devices c:108:0:rw –save
vzctl exec {VEID} mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0
vzctl exec {VEID} chmod 600 /dev/ppp
6. Login to VE and see if the ‘pppd’ command works.
yum install ppp
If you see some garbage values, it means it is enabled correctly.

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